What will I do for money? 

Well if the price is right most things! But what am I good at, that can benefit us both, is a little more concise list. I'll list them from easiest to most complex.


Copy writing. Most local radio and TV commercials fail because of copy writing. The people are listening and watching, now let's get them to check you out!


Create your company message. As the founder or manager of your company you are very close to it, and probably not in the best position to understand what about your company's message would be important to consumers.  It really helps to have someone who is an expert in marketing help you craft your story.  


Become the voice of your product. Please understand that this is industry exclusive and only available to clients that I actually use. But it is the most powerful way to present your message to the hundreds of thousands of people in South Carolina who I have developed relationships with on radio and television.