How to pick a slogan and logo for your business

Just about every successful company has a slogan and a logo. So most small business owners ask for help on how to create both. The first thing I would tell you is don’t worry about a logo. The logo only becomes valuable after your company does. Nike founder Phil Knight told a design student at Portland State University that he wanted the logo to resemble the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike. The only other instruction he had was it can’t look anything like the Adidas logo. He paid her $2 an hour and she created the swoosh for a grand total of $35. The Coca Cola logo was hand drawn by a guy named Frank Robinson in 1887.


Other than adding the color red in the early 1900’s and a few other tweaks it looks pretty much the same 130 years later. You discover BMW,  Pizza Hut and most other successful logos had little thought put into them but became iconic because the company became iconic.

Now the slogan is really where you should devote some time. Great ad slogans succinctly describe your product or services benefits in a memorable way.  Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. Don’t just watch TV, Direct TV. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. So you need to focus on why are business to begin with. Are you simply trying to make a living? If so, that’s fine but then you don’t need a special slogan to do that. “You won’t be disappointed” might serve you well. Great ad slogans are required for companies who are attempting to do great things. What need in the market is your business going to fill? Answer that question and you’ve almost got your slogan. If you need help with finishing the process, I’d be honored to help.